‘A Ritual of Exile’ (2013-2016) is my long-term project that documents the dangerous rituals and practices, which subjugate women throughout South Asia, under the guise of religion.

This project is currently focused on, the ritual of Chhaupadi, which involves girls and women being made to live in chau (rudimentary shelters) out of the superstitious reasoning, and a tradition linked to Hinduism, that their blood is considered impure during menstruation. In their exile, women are often raped, abducted, die of snake-bites, asphyxiation, drop out of school, live with serious PTSD and other reproductive health disorders.

This ritual is one of the most abusive forms of human rights violations to women. It strips them of their dignity and treats them like animals. I have documented extensively this practice across Nepal, making connections with isolated and hard to reach communities.

I want to make my audience into activists. To achieve this I am using a combination of stark, documentary portraiture combined with a use of immersive Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, which will bring the audience emotionally close to the subjects, making them walk a mile in their shoes.