A Ritual of exile

"Poulomi Basu’s work to reveal the consequences of violence perpetrated on women in Nepal and India is a rallying call to resist the power of ritualized violence perpetuated by generations and without a place in 21st Century culture.  Focusing on physical controls imposed on women during menstruation Basu’s narrative challenges ignorance and apathy, and the innovative use of modern documentary techniques seeks to transform the subjects of her images to become first an audience viewing their own story and then activists working to contest traditional perceptions of women. Using photography, VR, photogrammetry and more, Poulomi’s seeks to transform her subjects into dynamic participants in the writing of their own history." - Tim Hetherington Trust - Visionary Award
Blood Speaks. Red.      
The color of love,      
marriage, purity      
and sin      

A Ritual of Exile continues ...